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Advanced Bulk / Mass Actions + Products Filter Pro Module V2.2.1

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  1. 1.7.x
Bulk / mass edit products prices, quantities, associations, multilang texts, features, tags and +50 parameters.
Filter products by category, brands, supplier, keywords, IDs, and +25 products and combinations parameters.
Bulk edit tasks.

  • Instant search
  • Search in combinations
  • Invert search
  • Show product images on product image hover
  • Show product categories on product category hover
  • Save search results as csv
  • Copy search results products/combinations IDs to clipboard
  • Save filter configs
  • Fast, Instant and Smart User Interface.
  • You will definitely love this module because except mass operations it has same functions as standard products manager, and include powerful instant filter which can search products by more than 15 parameters.
  • You do not need to navigate and reload pages - module interface works on one page.
  • You can cancel last operation changes in one click.
  • Module saves backup on first module install to make your store data safe from unwanted changes.
  • One click install
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