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Advanced Shipping Cost Plus Module 1.10.3

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  1. 1.7.x
Shipping by country, zipcode, category, supplier, size, weight ...
The module will meet all your needs!

Advanced Shipping Cost module allows you to easily set your shipping costs with its powerful rules engine and combinations.
Advanced Shipping Cost integrates the following features :

  • Apply shipping cost per item, or shipping cost per product
  • Apply shipping cost according to the order amount
  • Apply shipping cost by category
  • Apply shipping cost by country
  • Apply shipping cost by city, shipping cost by postcode, shipping cost by state
  • Apply shipping cost by weight, shipping cost by dimension
  • Apply shipping cost by volumetric weight
  • Apply shipping cost by supplier, shipping cost by features, shipping cost by product attribute
  • Apply shipping cost by carrier
  • Apply shipping cost from a date, shipping cost until a date, or in a range
  • Apply Free shipping
  • And yours?
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