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Bridge Connector for Store Manager Modul V3.1.0

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  1. 1.6.x
  2. 1.7.x
Bridge Connector is intended to connect Store Manager desktop software to your PrestaShop store for advanced data update and input (import, export, mass edit, etc).
The module is not a standalone product and has to be used with Store Manager tool.
What this module does for you
event_available Help save time
Merchants will get access to their PrestaShop Cloud database with the help of Store Manager and perform the following operations:
- Work with categories and products on a single page - no reload required;
- Change prices of multiple products at the same time (perfect for sales!);
- Create product features and combinations in bulk;
- Upload multiple images simultaneously (drag and drop directly onto the browser);
- Quickly update your inventory, manage stock levels, warehouses, and stock movements;
- Import products (including virtual), specific prices, multi-features, attribute values, customized fields, and combinations;
- Import products from csv, txt, xml, xls/xslx (Excel), ods (OpenOffice). No file requirements - all missing data can be applied on the fly;
- Import customers with passwords exported from another PrestaShop installation (requires additional assistance);
- Create orders with a POS and process them in bulk (e.g. change status for multiple orders at once);
- Use store diagnostics to fix missing or broken images;
- Take advantage of powerful reporting features;
- Manage multiple PrestaShop installations and shops with one back-office;
- Work offline - all changes will be applied when you reconnect.
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