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Droptables Pro 3.6.3

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Usually tables require HTML/CSS knowledge, this is no longer the case, this extension is really easy for beginners. You can apply style on lines, columns and you have a style editor for each cell.

Definitively the powerful and easy to use table manager for Joomla.

Video demo available: Droptables - Joomla Table Manager Extension

Main features

  • Manage tables like in a spreadsheet
  • 6 themes included
  • Manage tables from any editor
  • AJAX automatic saving
  • Sortable data on frontend
  • Cell, line, column style editor
  • Resize line and column with drag'n drop
  • Advanced responsive mode with column display priority
  • Freeze cell and lines
  • Add tooltips on cells
  • Excel import
  • Create tables from database tables
  • CSV, ODT import
  • Calculation functions: DATE, DAY, DAYS, DAYS360, OR, XOR, AND
  • Possibility to make calculation on money cells
  • Excel export with or without table style
  • Create chart from your table data
  • Set multiple table lines height
  • Set multiple columns width
  • HTML editor in HTML cell format (a WYSIWYG editor for each cell)
  • Load content in HTML cell from editor buttons (images, 3rd party extensions...)
  • Copy cell with drag'n drop
  • Copy the full table in one click
  • HTML cells format
  • Price grid theme
  • Apply border, border radius, box shadow
  • Feature comparison theme
  • Advanced CSS code edition interface for each table
  • Padding and border-radius background
  • Advanced CSS code editor
  • Frontend menu to manage tables
  • User group ACL on tables, table edition action restriction
  • Hover color with a color picker selection for cell highlight
Excel and Google Sheets synchronization

  • Handle Excel styles on Import/Export: HTML link, font color, font size, cell background color, cell border
  • Spreadsheet data synchronization: Select an excel file on the server, fetch data and define a synchronization delay
  • Spreadsheet data synchronization: Select a Google Sheets, fetch data and define a synchronization delay
  • Notification when a file has an external sync to avoid data lost
Create tables from database tables
- Automatic styling and filtering for database tables
- Table automatic update on database incrementation
- Database source: table, column, filters, define ordering and column custom name
- Create chart from database table
- Database tables can be the Joomla tables or any table from the database
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