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Email/Phone Opt-In Form Builder : A XeroChat Add-On v1.3

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Download Email/Phone Opt-In Form Builder : A XeroChat Add-On Nulled Free
Email/Phone Opt-in Form Builder add-on will allow you to build an Opt-in Form with Drag & Drop form builder facilities. You can simply use the form by using the embedded code on your website. It also allows you to declare the position of the form into your website. You can set the beautiful form background alongside form building. With this add-on you can collect Email or phone number of the visitors who want to subscribe and XeroChat will process and store these information for future use. Besides all of these, you can send Bulk Email/SMS to these Email/Phone subscribers and also can assign Email/SMS sequence campaigns to them.

- Drag & Drop Form Builder
You can drag & drop form options such as header, paragraph, input fields, button, etc. You can also edit, clone, and delete dragged & dropped fields contents within the very easiest way.

- Build Opt-in Form with Form Position
All we want to see the newsletter or opt-in form in a position in the website. So as XeroChat thinks customer needs, we also provide the form position options with this add-on.

- Set Background for Form Body
By default, form background will be white but You can enhance the form design by set up a background image for the form. Upload an image during form creation and you will see the image as background of the form body.

- Assign Email/SMS sequence Campaign to Collected Subscribers
There are options available during form creation of selecting Email/SMS sequence campaign. If you set them, collected subscribers will be assigned automatically to these Email/SMS sequence campaigns.

- Process & Store Opt-in form data in XeroChat Platform
Just put the form into your website and XeroChat will handle the rest of the task. It means XeroChat will process & store your collected email/phone subscribers in xerochat platform for future use.

- Able to send Bulk Email/SMS to Opt-in Subscribers
Another interesting part is that you can use the collected subscribers through opt-in form for bulk Email/SMS Campaigns. You can select them during Email/SMS campaign creation based on contact groups which groups you've set for the collected subscribers.
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