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For SEO Panel - Directory Importer 1.3.2

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Directory Importer plugin will help us to import our own directories to the SEO panel using a simple and easy interface. Also, this plugin contains 1000 active multi-language directories to submit your websites for a lifetime.

Also using cron we can easily check the status of directories automatically in periodic intervals if they are active or not. The cron script will help us to periodically check the status of our submissions to directories.

Main features of Directory Importer:

1. Help us to add any number of directories to SEO panel using very simple steps
Also, it contains about 1000 active multi-language directories.

Note: currently it will work with phpld directories

2. The directory manager section will help us to edit, delete and check the status of all directories

3. Using the Check status section, we can check the status of directories manually

4. Using cron script we can check the status of directories automatically on periodic intervals

5. Using cron script we can check the status of our submission to different directories automatically at periodic intervals

6. The plugin settings section will allow us to manage users and cron execution


Need SEO Panel for its working.

How to Install and Activate:

Step 1:
Download the latest version of SEO Panel from the link

Step 2: Upload the latest version of the SEO Panel to your server and install it. Installation Guide -

Step 3: Download Directory Importer and Upload it to the plugins folder of the SEO Panel.

Step 4: Activate the plugin from Admin Panel of SEO Panel i.e., Dashboard --> Settings --> SEO Plugins Manager --> Directory Importer (Click on the dropdown and select Activate).

Step 5: Enjoy importing new directories and submit your site to already available directories.

How to Import Directories and Submit to Directories:

Refer to this link -
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