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Gift Card - Advanced solution Module 2.1.64

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The perfect solution for your indecisive clients, this module allows your customers to purchase a gift card to please their loved ones (Birthday, Valentine's Day,...). Dedicated easy system management gift certificates for your PrestaShop store.
What this module does for you
insert_chart Provides a product suitable to your customers' needs
Advanced and complete solution for creating gift cards on your PrestaShop store.
Simple and Advanced solution

+ Expand your sales.
Indeed, the perfect solution to please!
Your customers can buy and offer a giftcard to the person of their choice, once paid an email order is sent to the recipient (the date of send can be provided by the customer).
The email will include a voucher, The amount is then available as a voucher on our entire site.

+ Simple and specific administration to gift cards

After installing the module will present two new pages in the Catalog menu of your back office.
Gift Card models
Manage the gift card models. The customers can select one of these models according to occasion: birthday, valentine, christmas, ....
Gift card :
managing amounts of your cards. The price of cards will fit currencies..

+ Save time management
New information bloc in admin order(backoffice).
When a order has a gift card, a new information block will be displayed in your admin order page.
Allowing you to :
  • To view the PDF of the gift card that you can print and send in the package the customer
  • Cancel a gift card (example order refunded or canceled)
  • View information, code, amount of voucher
  • Check if the status of the gift card is used, if yes you can directly consult the order associated.
When a gift card is used in order, you can view the purchase order of the gift card and the status.

+ Ready to use
The solution includes a configuration mode 1 Click this option will automatically create giftcard with different models (which you can customize as you see fit).
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