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Instagram Reply Enhancers : A XeroChat Add-On v1.0

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XeroChat has recently introduced a feature ‘Comment automation for Instagram’. To make the feature more powerful and functional, you have to add a XeroChat's add-on called ‘Instagram Reply Enhancers’. When the add-on ‘Instagram Reply Enhancers’ is added, the Instagram comment automation can do the following things.

- Hide/Delete comment
Do you know how many of your customers are being stolen from your Instagram accounts by your competitors? They always keep eyes on your Instagram accounts to see who comments under your Instagram posts. Thus, they know your customers and send them private messages manually and finally take them away from you.
“Comment automation for Instagram’ can solve the specific problem by hiding or deleting comments after replying. Therefore, your rivals can’t see your customers’ comments, and can’t take them away from you anymore. Besides, based on keywords, this feature can delete or hide abusive comments. Thus, this feature keeps your Instagram account’s image clean.

- Full account auto-comment reply
You have to reply to clients’ comments regularly. It is a tedious and time-consuming job. The ‘Comment automation for Instagram’ can save you from the job, for it can automatically reply to all upcoming comments under any posts throughout your entire Instagram account.

- Auto comment reply to any post or comment where you are mentioned
‘Comment automation for Instagram’ can reply to the comments and posts where you are mentioned by other people. That is, if a client mentions you in a comment or a post, the feature instantly will make a reply on the behalf of you. It not only makes generic replies but also keyword-based replies. If a client gets an instant reply after mentioning you in a comment, they will be pleased and eager for your business.

- Tagged media
From the feature interface, you can see all the posts where you are tagged and the names of the accounts that have tagged you and the times when you are tagged. Also, you can easily visit the posts and the accounts by clicking on the posts’ ids and account names.

- Enable/Disable comments under any post on Instagram
If you want that no one can make comments under a specific post, ‘Comment automation for Instagram’ can disable comments for any post of your Instagram accounts. Of course, the feature can enable comments for the post again.

- Check all the comments of a post with a single click
Sometimes a single post of your Instagram account can get many comments, and you need to see all comments at once. On the interface of the ‘Comment automation for Instagram’, you can see all the comments in a single window just with a single click.
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