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Link Diagnosis for SEO Panel v3.1.0

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Link Diagnosis plugin for Seo Panel will help you to get a complete detailed report about your backlinks and you can also easily track the backlinks of your competitors.

Using the reports generated by Link Diagnosis plugin you can compare the backlinks of your site with competitors and can do needful steps to improve the search position for a particular keyword.

Currently it will support following search engines

1. Google
2. MOZ
3. Opensiteexplorer
4. Bing
5. Exalead

You can any time switch to these search engines are generate and track backlinks of your website.


Need SEO Panel for its working.

How to Install and Activate:

Step 1:
Download the latest version of SEO Panel from the link

Step 2: Upload the latest version of SEO Panel to your server and Install it. Installation Guide -

Step 3: Download Link Diagnosis and Upload it to plugins folder of the SEO Panel.

Step 4: Activate the plugin from Admin Panel of SEO Panel i.e., Dashboard --> Settings --> SEO Plugins Manager --> Link Diagnosis (Click on dropdown and select Activate).

Step 5: Enjoy watching over your website's backlinks.

How to Create a Project and View Reports:

Refer this link for creating a project and viewing reports -
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