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OxyMade for Oxygen builder 1.5.9

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About our framework!​

Go through the below info to find more about the awesome OxyMade framework.

Monster color system
We have developed a perfect colour system based on CSS variables
to power up your Oxygen builder to use multiple design sets at a time,
without worrying about colours or compatibility.

Proper design system
Get started with our ready-to-use design system powered by our Monster Framework.
You have 600+ well-developed CSS classes to quickly use however you want.

Responsive sizing & spacing
You don't need to set a separate spacing & sizing for each breakpoint.
All our padding, margins, sizes have responsiveness inbuilt.

One click colors import/export
Now you can import-export your colours between sites. And also you can
import colours from our colours generator by pasting the colours in the
import colours area in our plugin.

Utility classes locking feature
Now you don't need to worry that you may edit a utility class by mistake.
With out utility class locking feature, all our classes are locked to not edit.

Extend the framework
You can extend the framework and personalize it as per your requirement.
You can migrate our framework with your modifications between sites and save time.
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  1. 1.5.9

    Version 1.5.9 - February 4th, 2021 FIX: OxyMade Fluid Text Settings comma issue for some...

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