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SAPE Links 1.0.2

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  1. 2.2.x

SAPE – platform providing a number of services that helps promoters to improve site ranking in SERP and webmasters to monetize their sites by placing backlinks, articles, RTB banners and more.

SAPE Links add-on targets webmasters to place regular and context SAPE backlinks through XenForo’s advertising and widget systems.

This add-on loads SAPE invocation code on almost every public page allowing to sell places on such pages of your website registered at SAPE platform.


  • Add-on renders regular and context links (here and after referenced as links block)
  • Rendered links block can be styled either by choosing predefined appearance or by making your own template (for widgets only)
  • Each rendered links block has a number of parameters that can be adjusted – number of links to display within block, block orientation (vertical or horizontal), add title of block, additional logo for post style blocks, either to render empty block or not. For widgets these parameters are customized on widget page with user-friendly approach, for advertising by adding or changing needed parameters for macros call (limitation of advertising).
  • Test mode helps you to estimate page layout & design. For context links test please amend any post message by adding context link phrase in message that becomes link.
  • Users’ post message is used as context links text index. No real changes are made in forum database, the links are being built on-the-fly during page render.
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