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Savvy Search Autocomplete Module V5.2.4

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A truly advanced autocomplete module that can improve usability of any online store. The module shows a lot of data relevant to typed words like attributes, tags, categories, products with pictures and descriptions, and even links to text CMS pages.

Savvy Search Autocomplete will become a strong point of your online store that attracts customers and improves their shopping experience. It may show plenty of data relevant to entered keywords indicating that your store has a lot to offer. Besides that it provides quicker access to categories and products that match user search phrases. If a user can find what he is looking for faster he is likely to make a purchase faster and receive better impressions from your online store.

The control panel of the module provides plenty of settings to manage every aspect of its functionality and look. There are settings related to shown data, module layout, search algorithms, etc.

The module is tidy and neat out of box. It can be up and running in minutes. Additionally it includes an admin interface that allows customizing its look by changing colours of its elements.
Please follow the standard PrestaShop guidance to install the module either on your hosted PrestaShop store or into the cloud ( The module does not require any specific actions during its installation. Once it is installed you may want to go through the module settings in the control panel to customize its look and behaviour.
Please note that Savvy Search Autocomplete is a module that provides a convenient interface with an autocomplete functionality but by default it relies on the PrestaShop search algorithms and it was not designed to enhance search relevancy or search speed. The mentioned improvements can be achieved with the help of other specialized modules including the Elastic Jet Search that is produced by our team.
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