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SEO Open Graphs Tags Social Media Module 1.0.1

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The latest addition to FME Catalog lets you properly add Facebook Open Graph Tags, Twitter Card tags. You can customize the title and description tag for both Facebook and Twitter and can also add a personalized image.

Whenever your site link is shared on social media, the platform scraps the webpage and shows title and description that it deems fit. This sometimes ends up showing irrelevant information.
Open graph protocol helps you control how your webpage is shown on social sites. Using Twitter Card and Facebook Open Graph Module, admin can customize and personalize the Titles, Descriptions, as well as the image, that go with them. This customized tags will only be visible when someone shares your site on Facebook or Twitter. For product and category pages, the module will dynamically select the best possible title and description.


  • Easily Set up Open Graph for Facebook
  • Easily Set Twitter Cards
  • Customize Social Title Tags
  • Customize Social Description Tags
  • Add personalized image to twitter tag
  • Add personalized image to facebook tag
  • Show customized social tags for Homepage and CMS pages
  • Option to set alt img tag for Twitter image
  • Enable/disable image for twitter
  • Auto validates images before showing it in the card
  • Dynamically selects the appropriate title and description for product and category pages
  • Multi-Lingual
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