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WooCommerce Weight Based Shipping Plus (UPGRADABLE) v5.3.20

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  • Weight-based shipping - Define shipping prices depending on order weight, destination and subtotal.
  • Shipping classes - Set shipping costs per specific shipping classes individually.
  • Shipping zones - Perfectly supports WooCommerce Shippping Zones as well as global shipping configuration outside of shipping zones.
  • Conditional free shipping - Set up shipping options to show for orders reaching specific subtotal threshold, weight or going to specific destinations.


Rule-based system​

Define shipping prices by creating rules for each different case you have.

Destination, Weight, Subtotal​

Each rule can be set up to activate on certain order destination, weight or subtotal. All conditions are optional.

Flexible Price Calculation​

Define flat shipping price or progressive weight rate or both.

Shipping Classes​

You can override shipping prices for specific shipping classes.

Shipping Price Limits​

You can set minimum and maximum shipping price constraints to make sure it's sane in any case.
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