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[0815] - Watermarker 1.1.1

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This add-on allows you to watermark all images saved via the attachment system. You have 100% control over who sees the watermark and which attachment types it is applied to. Of course, the original image is never changed, as with other Wassermark add-ons or also at the Media Gallery.

  • Original image will not be changed!
  • Existing attachments are processed
  • The permissons can be used to control who should see the watermark.
    and via the options, in which add-ons it should be active. This gives you 100% control.
  • Watermark per text
  • Watermark by image
  • or both
  • Different watermarks for user groups (Image or text or both).
  • Cache time is adjustable or also deactivatable
  • Selectable in which forums the add-on should be active
  • Selectable for which group the watermark is visible (permission)
  • Le_palais_Chaillot_et_la_Défense,_vu_du_troisième_étage_(Paris) (1).jpg
    Le_palais_Chaillot_et_la_Défense,_vu_du_troisième_étage_(Paris) (1).jpg
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