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[AP] Daily Goals 2.0.0

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  1. 2.0.x
This addon adds a "Daily Goals" widget which counts posts, threads, and user registrations. You can specify the desired goal counts in the admin panel.

The counters are reset via a cron entry every day at 00:00.

As of 1.5.0, this addon now supports [UW] Forum Comments System, and admins can choose whether or not they want comments to count towards the post goal.

As of 1.6.0, there is an "auto-adjustment" feature which will increase or decrease the goals by X amount if a streak of Y days was achieved. There is a new page which shows the streak history, and new widgets which shows details of the longest achieved streak and also a widget for displaying the total amount of streaks achieved as well as goal hitting consistency.
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    Create isDelayed() to help account for if the job was triggered past midnight (goal should no...