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B2B E Commerce Module 1.1.5(12/07/2021)

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Transform your online Prestashop store into a powerful B2B eCommerce solution. Powerful all in one module includes full functionalities of Product Quotation, B2B Registration, Restrict Customer Groups, Restrict Payment Methods, and Quick Order Table.
What this module does for you
insert_chart Facilitate B2B commerce
Business to Business is an important aspect of any online store. Sometimes the B2B side of the business is the dominating side from which a merchant earns most of his revenue. As B2B customers are different in their needs, they require special functionalities in an online shop that can ease their ordering process.

Keeping in view of this our developers at FME Modules have developed an all-in-one B2B eCommerce solution that will enable you to infuse powerful B2B functionalists in your existing store. You do not need to purchase different modules for different features, this single module will fulfill all your B2B needs.

FME B2B ECommerce Module includes:

B2B Registration:
Allow your customers to register for a B2B Account by entering the required information, e.g. personal information, address, company, and sign-in information. Besides Admin can also add custom fields according to their specific requirements. You can also show more than one profile on the frontend to users i.e Wholesale or VIP and the user can register for the one he finds appropriate.

Product Quotation: Enabling this feature will allow your B2B Customers to send you quotations for different products.

Customer Group Restriction: This module allows the admin to restrict their customers to buy the products from specific categories or from specific pages.

Payment Restriction: Admin can restrict different Payment methods for different Customer groups by applying certain rules, for example; a specific group of customers will be bound to pay from a payment method only if they have some specific products in their cart. Admin can apply a number of rules from the back office.

Quick Order Table: For the customers who want to buy products quickly or in bulk, this feature will be very helpful. This feature allows the admin to place the products in a tabular form so that customers can choose their desired products by quick selection.

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