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Dropfiles pro V5.8.7

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No more need to go in a component and go back in a menu or in an article to manage files. You just need to create a category of file, drag and drop files, then insert your file or category in your editor. Upload and display as many files as you want in only 3 clicks.
You can also apply advanced file restriction access for file administrator and for end users. Native joomla access level can be applied in one click on each file category and you can set authorized action for file administrator. Dropfiles works the same for backend and frontend. Perfect to work fast to all type of user.
Dropfiles video & Google Drive:
The Google Drive integration brings a two way sync system, you can mange and sync files from Dropfiles or from Google Drive. An import file tool is also available to take back files from other component or server folder.
Administration main features
  • Upload and display files in 3 click
  • Manage files, categories, file options, themes from the text editor (no need to go in the component)
  • File and categories are automatically opened on editor button click
  • Apply one of the 4 theme per category
  • Set category level and ordering using drag’n drop
  • Category accordion and compact interface to manage numerous files
  • File import from any other component or server folder
  • Order files with drag'n drop
  • Possibility to restrict file display / category per Joomla user
  • Possibility to copy or move files (copy/cut/paste) from one categories to another with drag'n drop
  • Advanced ordering tool: order file by type, title, description, file size, date, version, hits
  • Advanced ACL for file administrators by action (create, update files, manage own files,...)
  • Download statistics dashboard with filter and chart by files/category/dates
  • Column AJAX filtering in file listing
  • Define the display information in theme
  • K2 dedicated integration
  • HTML5 fast uploader
  • Create a theme easily, just duplicate a folder
  • jQuery compatibility parameters
  • Download and upload files from mobile devices
  • Mobile interface support
  • Remote download (download a file stored on an external server)
Frontend main features
  • Frontend file management with dedicated template
  • Upload form with predefined category for file upload
  • Define ACL on file action (edit file, edit own files, delete files...) per joomla user groups
  • 4 responsive theme with icons set
  • Native Joomla ACL on files categories in one click
  • Google previewer tool integrated
  • Sound and video player
  • SEO optimization with file rename and prefix option
  • Visual customization of each theme
  • Search engine with full text in documents
  • Filter files by category, tags, dates
  • Joomla native tags integration
Google Drive integration
  • Connect with your Google Drive account
  • Insert and manage Google Drive category of files
  • Files are uploaded in a dedicated folder and sub-folders on your Drive
  • Upload files on Google Drive website folder and push the files on your Joomla website!
  • Title, version, description are also sync
  • Display and download native Google Docs
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