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Dynamic Product Price Module V2.32.0

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Allow your clients to customize their orders and get dynamic prices based on the values that they input.

What this module does for you
insert_chart Provides a product suitable to your customers' needs
This module will allow your customers to fill in fields to modify the product and get the actual cost directly.
If you sell products that can be tailored specifically to each customer then this module will help you offer a dynamic solution where product prices are calculated on the fly.
You will have absolute control over what fields to display and over the price calculation method.
The dynamic price will be calculated from the user input with the help of a formula that you can easily define.
  • Display one or more user inputs on the product page
  • Define a unit of measurement to each field
  • Define a price formula that will be used to calculate the product cost
  • Define a weight formula that will be used to calculate the product weight
  • Configure preferred units per country for the convenience of your customers
  • Configure different prices per product combination
  • Show or hide the fields based on the selected combination
Advanced Features:
If you need a calculation method that is more complex than using a formula, you can use a calulator file.
A calculator file is a PHP file that has access to all the values that the user has submitted. These values can be used to return the calculated cost. This method is useful if you want to achieve a complex calculation or also if you want to request the unit prices from an external service, etc. The possibilities are endless!
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