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Google Dynamic Remarketing - Google-Ads tag Module 1.6.6

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Install the Google Ads (AdWords) dynamic remarketing tag and boost your conversion rate with dynamic retargeting ads. Show your visitors relevant ads based on their activity on your site.
What this module does for you
person_add Optimize paid search placement (SEM - SEA) for products

person_add Bring shoppers back to the shop
If you want to track the activity of your visitors on your site so that you can then target them on third-party sites with ads based on products seen on your shop, you have found the right module.

"Google Dynamic Remarketing" automatically installs the Google Ads remarketing tag on all the pages of your site. This allows you to then serve ads to web users who have already interacted with your site, when they visit other Google partner websites or applications.
But that's not all! Our module not only allows you to do classic remarketing, it also sets up dynamic remaketing tags. By enabling the feature and creating the link to your products on Merchant Center, you allow Google Ads tag to be much more accurate in its information collection: products, prices, cart amount, detail of products ordered, etc. as much essential data as you can then use to display ads to a former visitor containing the products that are most likely to interest him/her: recently viewed products, added to the cart but not ordered, of the same category, etc... A very effective way to get him/her back to place an order on your site and significantly improve your conversion rate!

Our "Google Dynamic Remarketing" module does not require any technical skill. Simply enter the conversion ID provided in your Google Ads account, enable the dynamic retargeting feature and the module takes care of everything! In an instant, the code snippets are installed on your site and you start collecting data about your visitors in the Google Ads interface.
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