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JCE Pro Content Editor v2.9.20

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  • Youtube and Vimeo video will no longer autoplay in the media preview.
  • Move all admin media assets (js, css etc.) out of the administrator/components/com_jce folder into media/com_jce
  • Regular Labs Sourcerer shortcode, eg: {source}content{/source} is now processed seperately from other shortcode to improve support.
  • Fixed encoding of content in Code Blocks
  • Linebreaks were converted to newlines in <script> Code Blocks.
  • Applying or removing multiple styles from the Styles list to a selection of multiple elements (eg: paragraphs) now should work as expected.
  • Content links without any content text would not show up as search results of the Link Search tool.
  • Media Preview items could not be selected if Container Element was set to No Container.
  • Update Vimeo url processing to support has values for private videos.
  • Rollover images were not working despite the relevant options being enabled.
  • Remove use of "layout" variable name in GET requests due to conflict with Helix Ultimate template framework.
  • When creating a new profile or copying an existing one, the default toolbar theme would be set to "classic"
  • Some converted media fields (in subform fields for example) would not use the correct profile when it was assigned to a component.
  • When using a JCE Language Pack, eg: de-DE with a Joomla Language variant, eg: de-AT, JCE labels were not being translated correctly.
  • Pasting text into a paragraph would produce a new paragraph.
  • Fixed invalid conversion of some media fields if conversion is disabled.
  • PRO Drag & Drop upload of a video or pdf file would not remove the spinner after completing the upload.
  • PRO Fixed inline upload of supported files by the Template Manager
  • JOOMLA4 Update checked_out and checked_out_time table fields for all prior versions for Joomla 4 compat.
  • JOOMLA4 Fixed repeatable media input field update.
  • JOOMLA4 Fixed alignment of checkboxes in the Profiles list.
  • JOOMLA4 Creating a new profile using the New button and then saving would produce an error or default value warning.
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  • PRO Images can now be scaled up when resizing on upload.
  • Removed the warning message when saving an article if the Autobackup plugin is in use.
  • JCE Media Fields and converted Joomla Media Fields can now be used if JCE is not assigned as the default editor.
  • When a link is applied to a selection that includes a linebreak, the linebreak will now be included in the link, rather than resulting in the content being split into multiple links.
  • PRO Setting Alignment on an iframe or video would not update the media preview.
  • PRO Editing an iframe or video with an alignment would not show the value selected in the dialog Alignment list.
  • PRO Fixed some issues with content validation when saving content in the Code Editor.
  • PRO Inserting some media, eg: Amazon S3 Pre-Signed URLs, would insert the media item incorrectly as an iframe.
  • PRO Uploading media using the Media Manager basic dialog would produce an error on a successful upload in some instances.
  • PRO Regular Expression Search & Replace in the Code Editor and Text Editor was not working as expected.
  • PRO Attempting to insert a Dailymotion video in the Media Manager would fail with an error.
  • JOOMLA 4 The mediatype in a custom mediajce field would be ignored.
  • Updating Table Rows or Table Cells when opening a dialog from the Context Menu would apply changes to the wrong rows or cells.
  • Remove temporary attribute from converted list items after pasting content from Word.
  • Attempting to update a Table Cell with a new background image would apply all styles to the Table instead.
  • Clicking the Cancel button in the File Browser opened from within another dialog would close both windows.
  • PHP or Shortcode Code inside a container, eg: <div> would be processed incorrectly when using Code Blocks.
  • Fixed some issues with pasting image data with the potential to allow for direct paste / upload in a future update.
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  • The Insert and Cancel buttons were visible in the standalone File Browser in the JCE Admin.
  • Clicking the Insert or Update button in the Table dialog would do nothing (and generate a javscript error)
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