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Marketplace Builder – Multi Vendor V3.4.4

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Turn Prestashop into marketplace with simple set up steps, #1 PrestaShop Marketplace module (multi vendor) that allows sellers to list their products for sale and pay a percentage fee amount for each sale or a membership fee.
Marketplace Builder is the best PrestaShop marketplace module (multi vendor module) to convert your online store into a marketplace so that multiple sellers can list their products on your marketplace and in exchange you can charge a fixed percentage fee amount for each single order they get or require sellers to pay a membership fee (monthly fee, yearly fee, one-time fee, etc.)

Benefits for sellers
Full-managed PrestaShop marketplace for sellers, seller is provided with every feature they need on their seller account to run a successful business such as:
  • Easy and quick to list products, allow sellers to sell all types of products such as physical products, virtual products, digital products, downloadable files, service, etc.
  • Automated order fulfillment system (manage order, shipping, auto emails, etc.)
  • Easy to manage seller fees and commission, manage invoices.
  • Global and self – created objects: sellers can use store’s global items such as attributes and features, brands and carriers or sellers can create their own items.
  • Shipping mode: allow customers to select a global carrier for all products in their shopping cart or select a separate carrier for the products belong to a specific shop.
  • Shop managers (staffs): sellers can assign shop management privileges for their staffs and enable staffs to manage shop.
  • Easy to communicate with customers through convenient message system.
  • Seller can withdraw their balance to their bank account, PayPal, Skrill, pay for orders or convert balance into voucher codes.
  • Sellers can change shop status to “vacation mode” when they want to temporarily close their shop.
  • Statistics dashboard
  • And many more useful features.

Benefits for you (admin)
  • Earn commission whenever a product is purchased successfully. You can also charge sellers for a monthly fee, quarterly fee, yearly fee or one-time fee. This module has a flexible commission rate setting, you can set up commission rate by seller levels, by product categories, and by separate shop.
  • PrestaShop Marketplace Builder gives you the ultimate control of your marketplace: You can manage sellers, seller products, seller orders, seller commission, withdrawal requests, etc.
  • Seller level and badges: you can add different seller levels and set up a specific commission rate and membership fee for each level. Sellers will be automatically put into a level when their shop satisfies specific conditions. Sellers will also earn a reward badge when they enter a new level.
  • Detailed statistic charts and helpful information on dashboard: provide an overview about your marketplace’s activities.
  • Easy for customization, works perfectly with any PrestaShop themes, even the custom ones!
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