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JCE Pro Content Editor v2.9.20

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JCE Pro Content Editor - Everyone's favourite Joomla WYSIWYG Editor

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Everyone's favourite Joomla WYSIWYG Editor​

A familiar, powerful, customizable editor for professional content creation

Essential Features​

A familiar Office style interface gives you all the tools you need to create rich, engaging content.


Fine-grained control over the editor layout and features - by component, device, user group or user.


Upload, manage and...

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Wells updated JCE Pro Content Editor with a new update entry:


  • PRO Images can now be scaled up when resizing on upload.
  • Removed the warning message when saving an article if the Autobackup plugin is in use.
  • JCE Media Fields and converted Joomla Media Fields can now be used if JCE is not assigned as the default editor.
  • When a link is applied to a selection that includes a linebreak, the linebreak will now be included in the link, rather than resulting in the content being split into multiple links.
  • PRO...

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Wells updated JCE Pro Content Editor with a new update entry:


  • Youtube and Vimeo video will no longer autoplay in the media preview.
  • Move all admin media assets (js, css etc.) out of the administrator/components/com_jce folder into media/com_jce
  • Regular Labs Sourcerer shortcode, eg: {source}content{/source} is now processed seperately from other shortcode to improve support.
  • Fixed encoding of content in Code Blocks
  • Linebreaks were converted to...

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