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Price by Surface / Volume / Length / Perimeter / Weight Module V5.5.1

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A utility to calculate order quantity in terms of dimension, namely, length, perimeter, surface (area), volume or weight units.
What this module does for you
insert_chart Provides a product suitable to your customers' needs
  • If you are selling your products in dimensions, namely, length units, area (surface) units, perimeter units, volume units, or weight, you'll definitely need that module.
  • Dimensions are converted to quantity, and total price is automatically calculated.
  • Some examples:
  • You have wallpaper products each of 3 sqm and you want that the order quantity will automatically be calculated with the given width and height dimensions. This module will provide you what you need.
  • Or, you have boxes of 10 m2, but sell your products in 1 m2 units. You can use the conversion feature of the module.
  • Let's say that you are renting a container and need number of boxes, as well as the volume required. The module will add a volume applet, and additional piece information fields right with the given maximum and minimum limits you have determined beforehand. That way customer can quickly calculate the order quantity needed.
  • You can even sell groceries, meat, vegetables or fruits.
  • All the dimension information is carried through the order process and stored in the backoffice.
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